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Aluminium Roll Light 9¼x12"

Aluminium Roll Light 9¼x12"

SKU: A00369

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(Art Emboss) Light Aluminuim (extra soft-84gram) roll for embossing, card making, picture frames and more.
100% metal and easly cut with a scissors.

Place Art Emboss metal sheet on a soft surface or rubber mat. Trace or draw an original design onto sheet.

Lightly trace pattern onto metal with fine point stylus. For a "puffy" embossed design, flip metal over and re-trace around lines several times. Emboss into puffy areas using blending stump or eraser end of a pencil to achieve depth.

To add texture to background, etch lines, dots or circles using a fine point stylus.

Cut out design and apply to a card or project using adhesive.

To add permanence, fill in the back of the design with plaster, wax or resin.

To patina, apply paint before mounting. After a few minutes rub off, dry and polish. Varnish is optional.