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Beads Pony Asst 9mm 1000 Bag*

Beads Pony Asst 9mm 1000 Bag*

SKU: B56389

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*Discontinued by supplier 03/02/2021

Pony beads are very popular for use in many different types of beading projects and craft projects including making beaded bracelets, necklaces, key chains, banners, hair braiding and more. These types of beads can be strung onto many types of cording and string including elastic stretch cord, plastic S'getti cord, hemp cord, leather, suede, flexible beading wire, and monofilament. Use plastic pony beads for school projects, Sunday school projects, camp activities, pony bead banners and other fun crafts. Pony beads are popular for many types of crafts, including kids bead projects. The 6x9mm size of the bead and large holes make pony beads easy to grab on to and string with cord.

Size 6x9mm pony beads and hole size is about 4mm