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Creall Do & Dry White Clay 500gm

Creall Do & Dry White Clay 500gm

SKU: C06148
Brand: Creall

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* Creall®-Do & Dry is an extremely versatile modelling material and now boasts 98% made from natural ingredients.

Ideal for ease and creativity, as it is air drying and allows for further finishing once dry.
* The work of art can be sanded, filed, painted, or decorated with your favorite embellishments.
* Thanks to its universal uses, Creall®-Do & Dry offers surprising opportunities for mental relaxation, motor skill development, and creative exploration.
* Store in an airtight container.
* Creall® products offer essential key values in the stimulation and development of children.
* They help improve sensory motor skills as well as aid in creative development and social emotional skills.

Available in 500gm and 1kg blocks