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Dutch Doobadoo Mask 6x6" Art Snow

Dutch Doobadoo Mask 6x6" Art Snow

SKU: D56109
Brand: Dutch DooBaDoo

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Dutch Doobadoo Mask Art Stencil - 6x6" 470715605 - Art Snow

One flexible pre-cut acrylic mask stencil.

The stencils can be used for decorating on walls, floors and ceilings as well as card, wood and ceramics with the appropriate paints. The paint can be rolled on, sponged on or put on with a rag. You can use the Dutch Doobadoo mask stencils in combination with colourwash, ink sprays, mists, pigment inks, markers, waterbrush, acrylic paint, embossing inks and powder and a lot more.

The stencil sheets are durable and easily cleaned.

Size: 6x6" (150mx150mm)