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Gel Pen Uniball White 1mm

Gel Pen Uniball White 1mm

SKU: G01264
Brand: Uniball

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Enjoy a delightfully smooth and bold writing experience with these Uni-ball Signo Broad gel pens. Perfect for scrapbooking and art projects, these pens will make your lettering and drawing stand out bright and clear. The gold, silver, and white pens are highly opaque and show up well on both light and dark colored papers. Like all Signo gel pens, their archival-quality ink is resistant to water, fading, and even tampering from identity thieves!
This is the hugely popular white gel pen that artists everywhere are trying to get their hands on. Works great for highlights in sketches and watercolour/gouache paintings. The ink comes out silky white, almost like correction fluid but smooth.

It is fitted with a broad 1.0mm nib, which produces a thick 0.65mm line, making this pen highly suitable for larger writing styles.