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Lindy's Magicals Autumn Leaves

Lindy's Magicals Autumn Leaves

SKU: L01481
Brand: Lindy's Stamp Gang

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Lindy's Stamp Gang Magical Flat Set .25oz 5/Pkg

Unique, vibrant colors for painting! The world is your oyster with magicals and their versatility in use with anything your heart desires! Paint straight out of the jar with water or alcohol or mix with any art medium of your choice! There are no limits to the use of magicals, so color away!


Magicals are our most versatile product and come in shimmer and flat versions
Safe, non-toxic dye based powdered pigments
Each pot contains a combination of our beautiful micas, specialized powdered dye system, and a fixative
Can be used on any surface depending on the medium you mix it with. Color art mediums, pastes, gels, water, etc on almost any surface
available in sets of 5 colors
Match Starburst and Flat Fabio sprays for seamless coordination