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Plaster Paris 1kg Bag

Plaster Paris 1kg Bag

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Cera-Mix Plaster of Paris

Mixing ratio: 1 liter of water - to 2kg Standard Cera-Mix.
Can be worked tor approx. 18 min.
Hardens atter approx. 25 min.
Surtace Hardness: over 18 N/mm2.

Used tor: casts, scuiptures, modelling and model railways.
Cera-Mix STANDARD is especially suitable tor modelling where it is necessary to work
with the model after the casting compound has hardened, eg: when making model
railways, scuipturs etc. Cera-Mix STANDARD sets with a porous surface that can be easily worked with modelling tools. The optimum consistency for modelling work is achieved atter approx. 20 min, and the compound can then easily be worked. The mixing ratio can be varied as required.