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Powertex 1 Litre Ivory

Powertex 1 Litre Ivory

SKU: P05643
Brand: Powertex

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Powertex Ivory 1 litre

Powertex is the new generation environmentally friendly water based, acid free liquid textile hardener, suitable for use with any porous material such as paper, fabrics, cardboard, air drying clays, concrete, stone, ceramics, wood, dried flowers, plaster, etc.

If you like to recycle then you will love POWERTEX. All those odds and ends that you have been storing up. Old clothes, unwanted manchester, scraps of wool, fabric, timber, paper, beads, mosaics. You name it and you can probably use it all!!! Combine your bits and pieces with a dab of creativity and mix well to create a beautiful sculpture or ornament that decorates your home or garden.

Powertex is not limited to making sculptures or statues. It is a very versatile product that even allows the preservation of memorable treasures such as your baby’s first shoes/feet or hand impressions, and what about their first clothes.

Make your own jewellery; create your own 3-D structures on canvas for impressionable wall art, for unique home décor inside or outside.

Powertex is non toxic and safe for use by children and adults alike. Fantastic for school use.

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