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Powertex Transfer Medium 250ml

Powertex Transfer Medium 250ml

SKU: P06811
Brand: Powertex

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Powerprint transfers images printed from a laser printer (the paper should be between 70gsm and 90gsm) to canvas, paper, fabric, ceramic, metal and Powertex treated surfaces. The surface should be in a light color and completely dry. Don't forget to reverse your image when printing.

Great for collage.

Powerprint works great for layering in a collage or placing a portion of an image over a background where the applied image becomes a part of the background. If you are looking for a perfect transfer of a photo quality image, this may not produce satisfactory results for your application. The process of removing the backing paper may create some minor damage to the ink portion that has been applied to the background, especially if your background is not smooth and full adherence is not achieved.

Available in two sizes 250ml and 500ml