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Scoring Board Martha Steward 12x12"

Scoring Board Martha Steward 12x12"

SKU: S06021
Brand: Martha Stewart

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Martha Stewart

Size 12½x12½ / 315x315mm

MULTIFUNCTIONAL - Create homemade cards or children's birthday invitations with matching envelopes in a variety of sizes, holiday gift boxes or party decorations
- ARTS AND CRAFTS - Easy and fun to use, suitable for children and adults. for beginners as well as seasoned crafters
- ENVELOPE GUIDE - Includes a triangular envelope guide with printed instructions of project specifications for different sized envelopes
- MEASUREMENTS - Clear measurement guides along the top and left side. 1/2 inch and 1/8 inch increments, with scoring grooves every 1/8 inch for detailed scoring
- STORAGE - Store your bone folder using the built-in compartment with secure lid