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Tombow Mono Zero Eraser (2.5 or 5mm)

Tombow Mono Zero Eraser (2.5 or 5mm)

Brand: Tombow

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^Colour of the barrel may vary between black or Black and white.

The Highly Recommended Tombow Mono Zero Mechanical Precise Eraser

Black Case Rectangular Eraser Shape (2.5x5mm)

Precision eraser in useful pen form with push-down mechanism

The innovative MONO zero eraser is ideal for precise erasing of pencil. It is an essential utensil for professional or recreational use that requires pinpoint erasing. The MONO zero has a push mechanism with a metal lead for sturdy erasing. Also marked with the Tombow eco logo for ecologically friendly products. The eraser is a quality dustless plastic eraser suitable for pencil and is 50mm in length.

To refill use T56553 Tombow Mono Zero Refill 2pk