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Tsukineko Inkpad Tuxedo Black

Tsukineko Inkpad Tuxedo Black

SKU: T01581
Brand: Tsukineko

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Memento Luxe ink is a thick gel-like pigment ink with a matte-velvety look, fast drying, and will not fade. This ink ensures an even covering result. In 24 beautiful, bright colors.

Mixed Media ink for use on porous surfaces, but can also be applied on fabric, when fixed. For example stamp on a T-shirt with Memento Luxe and color with Fabrico. Perfect ink for Mixed Media and all paperdesigns.

Relatively quick drying ink for a pigment ink. Does not fade.

Characteristics of pigment ink:

A spongy ink pad that is filled with ink
The ink is thick and covernant and opaque (opaque is vellum-like
Translucent but not transparent)
The ink will stay on your piece of paper
Dries slowly
The color of your ink pad will be the same as your print
Easy to see if the stamp is well inked
On darker paper (such as craft paper) the print is clearly visible, the ink remains bright
Very suitable for heat embossing